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1. Electromagnetic measurement of sea ice thickness on ice stations during the SIPEX II voyage of the Aurora Australis, 2012 [SIPEX_II_Ice_Station_EM]   PARENT METADATA
We observed total thickness (snow thickness + ice thickness) of sea-ice floes along 100m transects using an electromagnetic (EM) sensor. The data were read from the EM and written by hand into a ...

2. Sea Ice Mass Balance in the Antarctic - Ice Geophysics [SIMBA_Ice_Geophysics]   PARENT METADATA
The data set is comprised of spatial surveys of snow and ice physical properties conducted at the one floe occupied for twenty-seven days in the Bellingshausen Sea, Ice Station Belgica. The survey ...

3. Sediment Supply to the Arctic Coastal Zone [Sediment_Supply_Arctic_Winter_IPY90_NL]
The data described here are various types of land-based geophysical survey data. The methods used are; Ground Penetrating Radar, Refraction Seismics and Transient Electromagnetics. Surveys are performed ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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