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1. Biochemical and biological activity of soils from a penguin colony at Cape Bird and soil description, classification and measurements of water content, soil temperature and depth to frozen ground [K024_1981_1984_NZ_1]
The biochemical and biological activity of the soils of the Adelie penguin colonies at Cape Bird was studied over two seasons. Biochemical markers of decomposition of penguin guano were studied by ...

2. Determining the rates of nutrient uptake to create an approximate nutrient budget of microbial mats from Bratina Island ponds, McMurdo Ice Shelf [K081_2000_2001_NZ_5]
Mat cores from ponds on the McMurdo Ice Shelf were incubated in pond water which had been spiked by 50 µg l-1 of nitrate or phosphate. Three ponds were used for water samples (Skua, Duet and P70) ...

3. Measurements of the amount of UV and visible radiation falling onto sea ice and the effects of enhanced UV radiation levels on sea ice algae [K136_1991_1992_NZ_1]
Sea ice algae are speculated to be considerably vulnerable to the effects of enhanced UV from the ozone hole during the Antarctic spring. The amount of UV and visible radiation falling onto the sea ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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