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1. Ross Sea/Ross Embayment diatoms in muds and diamictons [scherer_diatom]
This data set includes data on late Quaternary marine diamictons and muds. Data sets include (1) major and trace element geochemistry, and (2) diatom data in several formats Geochemistry: 1. Major ...

2. S. Nevada Community Environmental Monitoring Project (CEMP) Station Data [WRCC_CLIM_CEMP]
The Community Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP) is a network of 20 monitoring stations located in communities surrounding the Nevada Test Site (NTS) that monitor the airborne environment ...

3. Climate Products from the Connecticut State Climate Center [CT_STATECLIMATE]
The Connecticut State Climate Center homepage offers climate statistics for the following stations in the state: Bulls Bridge Dam Falls Village Norfolk Shepaug Dam Danbury Stamford Wigwam Reservoir ...

4. Gravity Wave Events Data from the NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory [OAR0082]
Gravity Wave Events is an archive of data from two sensor systems designed to detect gravity waves at the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory, located in Erie, Colorado, outside of Boulder. The first ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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