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1. The response of sea ice and brine water algae and bacteria to changes in salinity, temperature, light and UVB in Terra Nova Bay [K043_2006_2008_NZ_4]
Samples of the bottom ice algae and brine algae (within 30cm of the top of the ice) were subjected to temperature, salinity, light and UVB experiments and analysed with PAM rapid light curves to determine ...

2. The biomass, productivity and biodiversity of algae in the Cape Hallett region [K043_2003_2005_NZ_1]
The distribution and biodiversity of algae was assessed to enable possible future predictions of the effects of global warming. Sites (5 in the first season, 4 in the second) were established around ...

3. The biomass, productivity, physiology and grazing pressures of phytoplankton during the polar winter in the Ross Sea region [K043_2007_2008_NZ_1]
What happens to primary production during the long polar night was investigated in the Ross Sea region. Phytoplankton samples were obtained from the water column at Cape Armitage and Cape Evans. Phytoplankton ...

4. Experimental measurements of the effects of the environmental factors (temperature, light, water content and carbon dioxide concentration) on the photosynthesis activity of Antarctic mosses and lichens at Cape Hallett [K024_1998_1999_NZ_2]
A detailed study of how the environmental factors temperature, light, water content and carbon dioxide concentration affected photosynthesis of the two common mosses Bryum argenteum and B. pseudotriquetrum ...

5. Measurements of the shielding against UVA by protective pigments in the moss Bryum subrotundifolium at Botany Bay, Granite Harbour [K024_2000_2001_NZ_2]
A new chlorophyll fluorescence system, UVA PAM allowed the protective shield against UVA radiation to be measured in the moss Bryum subrotundifolium. An area of the moss was heavily shaded for 10 ...

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