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1. Photopolarimetry Measurements of Aerosols (NASA/GISS) [NASA_GISS_PHOTOPOLARIMETRY]
[Source: NASA/GISS, ] The NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA/GISS) offers Photopolarimetry Measurements of Aerosols data taken by the Research Scanning ...

2. CMS: Mangrove Canopy Characteristics and Land Cover Change, Tanzania, 1990-2014 [CMS_Mangrove_CanHt_Stand_Age_1377_1]
This data set provides canopy height, land cover change, and stand age estimates for mangrove forests in the Rufiji River Delta in Tanzania. The estimates were derived from a canopy height model (CHM) ...

3. Solar Ultraviolet Observations from the Solar Maximum Mission/ Ultraviolet Spectrometer and Polarimeter (SMM/UVSP) [SMM-06]
Data from the Ultraviolet Spectrometer and Polarimeter (UVSP) consist of photon counts at selected UV wavelengths in the 1170 - 3500 A band from detectors which are used in a variety of modes to build ...

4. Daily records of the dynamics, ionization and structure of the Antarctic mesosphere from Scott Base [K055_1982_2003_NZ_1]   CHILD METADATA
An investigation into the ionospheric D-region of the atmosphere was initiated in 1982 with the installation of radar equipment (Polarimeter and HF radar) at Scott Base. The radar operated by remote ...

5. Measurements of the polarisation of the Antarctic sky from the sea ice edge at Cape Bird and from a ship journey from Hobart to McMurdo Sound [K041_1997_1998_NZ_1]
The polarisation of the Antarctic sky was captured near the sea ice edge at Cape Bird to complement previous studies of the sky polarisation seen at Wellington (New Zealand), Scott Base, Tent Island ...

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