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1. ERS-1/2 Gravity Field Model Product [ERS.ORB.EGM]
The gravitational geopotential produces the principal acceleration on Earth. Therefore a precise orbit restitution applying dynamic methods requires a precise model of the geopotential with resolution ...

2. ERS-1/2 Precise Orbit Product [ERS.ORB.PRC]
The precise orbit results from a data reduction process in which all available tracking data (SLR, radar altimeter crossovers, PRARE range and doppler data) and most accurate correction, transformation ...

3. ERS-1/2 Preliminary Orbit Product [ERS.ORB.PRL]
Preliminary orbit products (PRL) are based on fast delivery tracking data: SLR, radar altimeter height, ERS-2 PRARE range and doppler data. These products are an improvement of the initial knowledge ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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