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1. Observation of the ozone layer through in situ measurements over Antarctica (OCOMA) [CNDA-ESP_MAR_REN2000-0245-C02-01]
In English: The main objectives of Project OCOMA are: -Development and installation of a new instrument, developed by INTA to observe Bro and OClO total columns. -To widen the scarce available information ...

2. Solar Chromospheric Variability from the National Solar Observatory (NSO) [NSO_CA2]
Observations of the disk-integrated solar Ca II K-line are made using the Evans Coronal Facility at The National Solar Observatory/ Sacramento Peak. A coelostat is used to feed the horizontal Littrow ...

3. Solar Data from the University of Hawaii Mees Solar Observatory (MSO) [MEES_SOLAR_OBS_DATA]
The Mees Solar Observatory of the University of Hawaii regularly observes the Sun and archives the following data on-line: - solar active region maps - white light telescope images - imaging vector ...

4. Solar Radio Dynamic Spectrum Data [SOLRADIO-3]
This Package contains broad band(25MHz-2500MHz) dynamic spectrum observation data of solar radio waves (25MHz-500MHz) up to May, 1993. Observations were carried out from sunrise to sunset daily.

5. Solar Radio Polarization Observation Data [SOLRADIO-2]
The intensity of solar radio waves was observed with a 10m parabola antenna (200MHz), a 6m parabola antenna(500MHz) and a 2m parabola antenna(2800MHz). The observation was carried out every day from ...

6. Active Region UV Atlas [HRTS-II_ATLAS]
An ultraviolet spectral Atlas of a sunspot with high spectral and spatial resolution in the wavelength region 1190 - 1730 A is presented. The sunspot was observed with the High Resolution Telescope ...

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