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1. Seismic reflection and refraction survey of Scoresby Sund and adjacent fjords (E Greenland), 1990/1994 (projects ARK-VII/3b, ARK-X/2) [AWI-EDMED_542_3]
The aim of the seismic reflection and refraction measurements of the ARK-VII/3b expedition was to: a) map the crustal structure of totally different geological units in a region of close proximity, ...

2. WAIS grounding-zone migrations in Eastern Basin, Ross Sea and the LGM dilemma: New strategies to resolve the style and timing of outer continental shelf grounding events [Bart-OPPGeol-0538475]
This project determines the recent history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) through a multidisciplinary study of the seabed in the Ross Sea of Antarctica. WAIS is perhaps the world's most critical ...

3. Psychrophilic Bacteria from Antarctic Sea-ice and Phospholipis of Antarctic sea ice algal communities new sources of PUFA [ASAC_708]
Metadata record for ASAC projects 161 and 708. (ASAC_161, ASAC_708). 1993: 39 sea-ice cores were collected from 22 sample locations off the Vestfold Hills during October-November. Bacteria were isolated ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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