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1. Monitoring of volcanic activity: Seismic, Gravimetric, Geomagnetic and Hydrographic monitoring. Deception Island [CNDA-ESP_ANT99-1462E-HE061]
In English: The present seismic campaign has carried out the built of a digital short period seismic network along the inside coast of Deception Island (Port Foster) and a wide band station. The ...

2. Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Data from the Margins and Basins to the North of the Antarctic Peninsula [CNDA-ESP_ANT-584-97-HE053]
In English This group of data contains the information acquired in the campaign HR053 by the oceanographic vessel Hesperides within the MAGIA project. Reference data was obtained for navigation, positioning, ...

3. Texas-Louisiana Shelf Circulation and Transport Processes Study Data on CD-ROM [NOAA_NODC_LATEX_A_CDROM]
This CD-ROM contains the data from the field program of the Louisiana-Texas Shelf Physical Oceanography Program (LATEX) from Texas A&M University, known as LATEX-A. It is the largest physical oceanography ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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