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1. PHAST: A Computer Program for Simulating Ground-Water Flow, Solute Transport, and Multicomponent Geochemical Reactions [USGS_PHAST]
The computer program PHAST ( PH REEQC A nd H ST 3D) simulates multicomponent, reactive solute transport in three-dimensional saturated groundwater flow systems. PHAST is a versatile groundwater flow ...

2. The GIS Weasel - An Interface for the Development of Spatial Parameters for Physical Process Modeling [USGS_GIS_WEASEL]
GIS Weasel is a software system designed to aid users in preparing spatial information as input to lumped and distributed parameter environmental simulation models (ESMs). The GIS Weasel provides ...

3. VS2DI - A graphical software package for simulating fluid flow and solute or energy transport in variably saturated porous media [USGS_VS2DI]
The VS2DI package contains all the tools that a user needs to create, run, and view results for a simulation of flow and transport through variably saturated porous media. The package seamlessly integrates ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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