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1. Carbon Query and Evaluation Support Tools (CQUEST) [NASA_CASA_CQUEST]
The Carbon Query and Evaluation Support Tools (CQUEST) provides access to geographic data from NASA Ames Research Center, Ecosystem Science and Technology Branch for carbon sequestration predictions ...

2. NASA-CASA Biosphere Model - Interannual simulations for the 1980's [NASA_CASA_BiosphereModel]
The NASA-CASA (Carnegie-Ames-Stanford Approach) model simulates net primary production (NPP) and soil heterotrophic respiration (Rh) at regional to global scales. Calculation of monthly terrestrial ...

3. The Hydrological Routing Algorithm (HYDRA) [NASA_CASA_HYDRA]
The Hydrological Routing Algorithm (HYDRA) is a computer model that simulates the regional scale flow of water (Coe et al., 2000). HYDRA simulates a set of physical hydrologic processes including ...

4. VSIM - Water Balance Model [VSIM]
VSIM is a simple water balance model embedded in an Excel spreadsheet that simulates the daily and seasonal water balance for a vineyard (block) given data on weather, soils, and leaf area. VSIM takes ...

5. Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM) [NASA_CASA_DGVM]
A Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM) has been developed as a new feature of the NASA-CASA (Carnegie Ames Stanford Approach) ecosystem production and trace gas model (Potter and Klooster. 1997). ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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