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1. STRMDEPL, A One-Dimensional Model Using Two Analytical Solutions to Calculate Streamflow Depletion by a Nearby Pumping Well [USGS_STRMDEPL08]
STRMDEPL, a one-dimensional model using two analytical solutions to calculate streamflow depletion by a nearby pumping well, was extended to account for two additional analytical solutions. The extended ...

2. ANALOG - A Program for Estimating Paleoclimate Parameters Using the Method of Modern Analogs [USGS_ANALOG]
ANALOG is controlled by a user-supplied run description file whose name is given as the argument on the command line. The run description file, which is composed of ASCII text, indicates which data ...

3. A Monthly Water-Balance Model Driven By a Graphical User Interface [USGS_OFR_2007_1088]
Monthly water-balance models have been used as a means to examine the various components of the hydrologic cycle (for example, precipitation, evapotranspiration, and runoff). Such models have been ...

4. Geospatial Stream Flow Model [USGS_GeoSFM]
The monitoring of wide-area hydrologic events requires the manipulation of large amounts of geospatial and time series data into concise information products that characterize the location and magnitude ...

5. Stratiform Chromite Deposit Model [USGS_ORF_2010_1232]
Stratiform chromite deposits are of great economic importance, yet their origin and evolution remain highly debated. Layered igneous intrusions such as the Bushveld, Great Dyke, Kemi, and Stillwater ...

6. Lessons on the Lake: An Educator's Guide to the Pontchartrain Basin [USGS_OFR_98-805_LESSONS]
The Lake Pontchartrain Basin, formed about 5,000 years ago, is a vast ecological system of over 4,700 square miles. Many cultures have inhabited its lands and fished its waters. From Native Americans ...

7. BAT Analyzer: Real-Time Data Display and Interpretation Software for the Multifunction Bedrock-Aquifer Transportable Testing Tool [USGS_BAT_ANALYZER]
The BAT3 Analyzer provides real-time display and interpretation of fluid pressure responses and flow rates measured during geochemical sampling, hydraulic testing, or tracer testing conducted with ...

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