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1. Community Analysis Package - A Program to Search for Structure in Ecological Community Data [PISCES_CommunityAnalysisPackage]
Community Analysis Program (CAP) searches for structure in ecological community data. It is easy to use, affordable, with quality output. It offers analytical techniques commonly used by community ...

2. Fuzzy Grouping for Clustering Objects While Accounting for Uncertainty [PISCES_FuzzyGrouping]
Fuzzy Grouping offers fuzzy clustering methods that are now becoming used by community ecologists. Researchers in other fields such as palaeontology, archaeology and the social sciences may also use ...

3. Simply Tagging - A Software Program To Estimate Population Size for Both Closed and Open Populations [PISCES_SimplyTagging]
Simply Tagging is a Windows program to estimate population size for both closed and open populations using mark-recapture methods, designed to be used by undergraduates and allows them to simulate ...

4. Axis - A Program for the Statistical Analysis of Circular Data [PISCES_Axis]
Axis is a Windows program that offers a range of graphical and analytical techniques commonly used by biologists, geologists and archaeologists for the analysis of circular data. Researchers in many ...

5. Density from Distance [PISCES_DensityfromDistance]
DfD is a Windows program offering a range of analytical techniques commonly used by ecologists to estimate animal and plant density from measurements of the distance between objects or from a selected ...

6. Dynamica - A Software Program to Explore How Animal Populations and Communities Change Through Time [PISCES_Dynamica]
Dynamica allows the user to explore how animal populations and communities change through time. The program uses a long-term data set from the Severn Estuary, England. Since 1980 fish and crustacean ...

7. ECOM-Analytical Techniques to Detect, Visualise and Order Relationships in Multivariate Data [PISCES_ECOM]
ECOM is a Windows program with a range of analytical techniques to detect, visualise and order relationships in multivariate data where the researcher has information on both the species present and ...

8. Removal Sampling - A Software Program to Calculate Population Statistics from Removal Trapping Experiment Data [PISCES_RemovalSampling]
Removal Sampling is an easy-to-use Windows program which calculates population statistics from removal trapping experiment data. Using maximum likelihood methods it calculates a population estimate, ...

9. Simply Growth - A Software Program to Plot Growth Curves [PISCES_SimplyGrowth]
Simply Growth, a Windows program, fits and plots von Bertalanffy, Gompertz and Logistic growth curves to length and/or weight at age data. Data can be easily imported from spreadsheets, and the resulting ...

10. Simply Probits - A Software Program to Estimate Lethal or Environmental Concentrations using Toxicity Data. [PISCES_SimplyProbits]
Simply Probits estimates lethal or environmental concentrations using toxicity data. Performs lethal dose calculations (a probit analysis of survival of organisms exposed to a range of concentrations ...

11. Species Diversity and Richness III [PISCES_SpeciesDiversity]
Species Diversity and Richness III is the improved version of an established program to aid in biodiversity studies, easy to use and including informative help. It offers a wide range of alpha and ...

Showing 1 through 11 of 11
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