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1. Forest Health Module [USDA_FS_NED_FHM]
The Forest Health Module accounts for the influences of natural and human induced disturbances on forest management practices. Negative and positive effects of numerous insects and diseases are contained ...

2. Forest Stewardship Plan [USDA_FS_NED_Stewplan]
Stewplan (Forest Stewardship Plan) is a Windows program that helps resource professionals develop a Landowner Forest Stewardship Plan as part of the forest stewardship program sponsored by the US ...

3. MIWILD - Software to Analyze Extent of Wildlife Habitat [USDA_FS_NED_MIWILD]
Forest managers have long desired easily accessible information about wildlife species and their habitat requirements. Two tools that address this issue in Michigan and the Lake States are MIWILD ...

4. NEWILD - Software for Species/Habitat Evaluation [USDA_FS_NED_NEWILD]
NEWILD is a computer program that assists in the access and evaluation of the information presented in the Species/Habitat matrices developed by DeGraaf et. al. NEWILD can be used to determine which ...

5. Stand Inventory Processor and Simulator (SIPS) [USDA_FS_NED_SIPS]
The Stand Inventory Processor and Simulator (SIPS) is a computer program that provides an effective means of creating, managing, and analyzing forest inventory records at the stand level. Its user-friendly ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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