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1. Gypsy Moth Penology Model [USDA_FS_GMPHEN]
The GMPHEN model predicts the growth of gypsy moth from egg eclosion to adult emergence from the pupal stage. In this DOS program, users are provided with a menu structured access system, permitting ...

2. i-Tree Vue [vue]   PARENT SERF
i-Tree Vue allows you to make use of freely available national land cover data maps to assess your community's land cover, including tree canopy, and some of the ecosystem services provided by your ...

3. i-Tree Storm [SDAP]   PARENT SERF
The i-Tree Storm Damage Assessment Protocol Utility is now simply called i-Tree Storm. i-Tree Storm establishes a standard method to assess widespread damage immediately after a severe storm in a ...

4. Species Selector Utility [speciesSelector]
i-Tree Species is now a free-standing utility designed to aid users in selecting proper species given the tree functions they desire. By providing a relative rating for environmental benefits of each ...

5. Urban Forest Effects Model [UFORE]   PARENT SERF
The Urban Forest Effects Model (UFORE) refers to a computer model that calculates the structure, environmental effects and values of urban forests. The UFORE model was developed in the late 1990s ...

6. i-Tree Streets [STRATUM]   PARENT SERF
Within i-Tree, street tree populations are assessed using Streets (formerly STRATUM). Streets is a street tree management and analysis tool for urban forest managers that uses tree inventory data ...

7. I-Tree: Tools for Accessing and Managing Community Forests [I_TREE]   CHILD SERFs
The i-Tree suite of software tools was developed to help users regardless of community size or technical capacity identify, understand and manage urban tree populations. Better awareness of the benefits ...

8. GMLSM: (Gypsy Moth Life System Model) [USDA_FS_gypsymth]
The gypsy moth life system model (GMLSM) is a very complete model of the population dynamics of this insect pest as it is known to exist in North America. It simulates these dynamics within a single ...

Showing 1 through 8 of 8
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