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1. OpenADDE (Abstract Data Distribution Environment) [SSEC_openadde]
ADDE (Abstract Data Distribution Environment) is a remote data access protocol originally developed for geolocated data that communicates requests from client applications to servers, which then return ...

2. SatCam - An iPhone Application for User-Driven Satellite Cloud Validation [SatCam]
SatCam lets you capture observations of sky and ground conditions at the same time that an Earth observation satellite is overhead. When you capture a SatCam observation and submit it to our server, ...

3. VisAD Visualization for Algorithm Development [VISAD]
VisAD is a Java component library for interactive and collaborative visualization and analysis of numerical data. The name VisAD is an acronym for "Visualization for Algorithm Development". The system ...

4. MERLIN, the Multi-source EnviRonmental data dispLay for INternet archives [SSEC_MERLIN]
MERLIN, the Multi-source EnviRonmental data dispLay for INternet archives, is intended primarily for researchers investigating climate and global change issues, as it provides access, fusion, intercomparison, ...

5. Regional Air Quality Modeling System (RAQMS) [RAQMS]
Regional Air Quality Modeling Systems Scientists use the Regional Air Quality Modeling System (RAQMS) computer model to predict air quality around the globe. RAQMS has been designed to address ...

6. Understanding Hurricanes with Google Earth [SSEC_GOOGLE_EARTH]
Satellite images provide a dramatic view of our Earth and its atmosphere. For timely views of winter weather in Wisconsin or wild fires in California, Google Earth users can now access the most recent ...

7. Satellite Observations in Science Education [SOSE]
SOSE is an Internet-based education environment that allows creation of interactive learning activities teaching remote sensing principles and exploratory data analysis. A toolkit of Reusable Content ...

8. VIs5D Gridded Data Visualization Software [VIS5D]
More Information: "" Vis5D is a system for interactive visualization of large 5-D gridded data sets such as those produced by numerical weather models. One ...

9. McIDAS-Lite McIDAS and MODIS HDF Format Image Viewing Software [SSEC_MCIDAS_LITE]
McIDAS-Lite is a free image viewer that provides a simple tool for working with image files that are in McIDAS area or MODIS HDF format. It can be used with data on the user's computer or remote ...

Showing 1 through 9 of 9
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