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1. PROFILE - Fixed/drifting buoy, bathy, and PALACE float data [FNMOC_PROFILE]
Observational data from the FNMOC Ocean QC (Quality Control) process are posted in near real-time to the USGODAE server. These files contain all of the unclassified in-situ data used to initialize ...

2. Profiling Drifter Data for the North Atlantic Ocean and the Sea of Japan from University of Washington [UWASH_OCEAN_PALACE_DRIFTER]
This dataset is composed of drifter trajectories, and temperature and salinity profiles for the North Atlantic Ocean and the Sea of Japan. For the North Atlantic Ocean, 75 Profiling Autonomous Lagrangian ...

3. Ocean Salinity and Temperature Data from PALACE Floats for the Labrador Sea Convection Experiment [LDEO_LSCE_PALACE_SAL_TEMP]
Profiling Autonomous Lagrangian Circulation Explorer (PALACE) floats measure profiles of ocean salinity and temperature. Measurements are made as the floats ascend to a drifting horizon. ...

4. Subsurface circulation in the Southern Ocean with ALACE/PALACE floats [JP_JARE_SUBFLOATS]
This data set consists of ALACE (Autonomous LAgrangian Circulation Explorer) floats trajectories and profiling data of temperature/salinity. Until ...

5. USGODAE - US Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment [USGODAE]
The Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) is a practical demonstration of near-real-time, global ocean data assimilation that provides, regular, complete descriptions of the temperature, ...

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