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1. Response of Temperate and Tropical N2-Fixing Trees to Global Environmental Change [USDA0584]
The purpose of this data is to determine the effect of increased carbon dioxide and associated climate change on temperate and tropical nitrogen-fixing trees and to determine the impact of environmental ...

2. Stochastic forcing of Pleistocene Ice Sheets [ebism]
The result of weak random forcing changes (modeled by 0.5 Watt per square meter changes in insolation) on the modeled North American and Eurasian ice sheets from 122,000 BP until the present ...

3. Calhoun Experimental Forest Soil Carbon Study [DU.CalhounForest]
This experiment began in 1962. The site history was a)pre-1800: Eastern North American deciduous forest; b)1800-1957: cotton,corn,wheat,pasture. The site was converted to forest in 1957, and the ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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