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1. Size segregated aerosol chemistry and submicron size distribution during Umitaka-maru 04/05 cruise [UM0405_23_size_segregated_aerosol]
The size distribution of submicron aerosols were obtained for the cruise of Umitaka-maru UM 04/05. Size segregated aerosol particles (<0.2, 0.2-2, 2-8, >8 um) were also sampled and analyzed for ionic ...

2. Southern Ocean size segregated aerosol chemistry and number size distribution during Umitaka-maru 08/09 cruise [UM0809_32_aerosol]
The aerosols, anmonium gas and ozon concentrations of atmosphere were obtained for the cruise of Umitaka-maru UM 08/09. The number size distributions of aerosols were measured using two optical particle ...

3. Volcanic Effects on Stratospheric Photochemical Processes [STEL_AEROSOL_1]
Stratospheric and upper tropospheric aerosol content is measured with a lidar at Nagoya and Toyokawa. Aerosol content is given by mixing ratio and backscattering coefficient; one profile a day and ...

4. Magnetic Field Data along 210 (deg) Magnetic Meridian [MAG210]
Three component terrestrial magnetic field intensities (north-south,east-west, and up-down) with a time resolution of 1 second. The date are obtained at about 30 observation points on the ground along ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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