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1. Mount Erebus Seismic Data [Erebus]
The seismic archive contains short-period and broadband data, primarily from the summit region of Mount Erebus. Online data from short-period and broadband data from 2000-present, ...

2. 40Ar/39Ar dates of Jurassic igneous rocks from Antarctica [Kyle-Ferrar_Igneous_Province]
Plagioclase mineral separates from basaltic extrusive (lavas) and instrusive (dolerite and gabbro) samples from the Dronning Maud Land area of Antarctica were dated by the incremental ...

3. Collaborative Research: Refining a 500-kyr Climate Record From the Mt. Moulton Blue Ice Field in West Antarctica [dunbar_NSF0230348]
There is intense scientific interest in the history, dynamics and future of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet because it is the world's only remaining marine ice sheet and is considered by ...

4. Geochemical analyses of volcanic bombs erupted from Mount Erebus [Erebus_petrology]
This data set consists of geochemical analyses of volcanic bombs erupted from Mount Erebus between 1972 and 2004 and selected older lava samples from the summit area. Detailed electron ...

5. Geochemical and radiometric age data on core samples from the Cape Roberts Project, Western Ross Sea, Antarctica. [Kyle-Cape_Roberts]
1. 40Ar/39Ar dates of minerals separated from pumiceous tephra layers in the core from Cape Roberts Project cores 1 and 2. 2. Major and trace element analyses of fine grain sediment ...

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