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1. Turtles of the World [Terra_Turtles]
The EMYSystem, of The Terra Cognita Laboratory, is an information repository supporting global turtle conservation. Their goal is to collect and provide current and historical data about ...

2. Collaborative Research: Deglaciation of the Ross Sea Embayment - constraints from Roosevelt Island [Brook_0944021]
This award supports a project to use the Roosevelt Island ice core as a glaciological dipstick for the eastern Ross Sea. Recent attention has focused on the eastern Ross Embayment, where there are ...

3. GISP2 DO event 19-21 methane data [GISP2_DO_Event_19-21_methane_data]
High resolution methane data for GISP2 for DO event 19-21. These data were generated within the last year, and are still under analysis.

4. High resolution methane data for GISP2 8.2 ka event [GISP2_8.2_ka_methane_data]
Methane concentration data for GISP2 ice core 8.2 ka event. Published by Kobashi et al., Quaternary Science Reviews, in press, 2007.

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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