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1. 101.1 m long horizontal blue ice core collected from Scharffenbergbotnen, DML, Antarctica, in 2003/2004 [blue_ice_core_DML2004_AS]
Horizontal blue ice core collected from the surface of a blue ice area in Scharffenbergbotnen, Heimefrontfjella, DML. Samples were collected in austral summer 2003/2004 and transported ...

2. Scharffenbergbotnen horizontal ice core 2006 (2.5km) [finnarp06-SBB-horizcore]
Horizontal ice core taken from the main Blue ice area in scharffenbergbotnen, Heimefrontfjella. ~2.5km long ice core. Planned analyses: ions & isotopes.

3. Scharffenbergbotnen surface conductivity [BIA_ELEC_DML2004_AG]
Surface conductivity (Electronator) measurements of the main blue ice area in Scharffenbergbotnen. Dataset contains latitude, longitude and a voltage (proportional to the ...

4. Scharffenbergbotnen, stake positions (2004 & 2007) [finnarp-SBB-stakes-2004-2007]
Precise GPS Positions of many stakes within the Scharffenbergbotnen (Heimefrontfjella) valley. From the finnarp 2003/2004 season and the 2006/2007 season. We also have stake ...

5. Snow and ice chemistry data from Vestfonna, Svalbard from April 2007 to May 2009 (Finland) [kinnvika-snow-ice]
Snow pits 2007: the data from 2 snow pits (main summits of Vestfonna ice cap) include a description of snow physical properties (stratigraphy, density) and major ions chemistry. Shallow ice cores ...

6. 2km long Surface Conductivity Profile and video recording, Scharffenbergbotnen [grinstedSBB-ECM-VIDEO]
Location: Scharffenbergbotnen blue ice area, Heimefrontfjella Electrical Conductivity profile of the surface blue ice (stretching ~2.5km from near the ice fall). At the same time a video ...

7. Dielectric Properties, Density and Wetness of Surface Snow for SAR- Ground Truth [mattila_SAR_ground_truth_DML]
Ground truth data for SAR- images was collected in western Dronning Maud Land during austral summer 2003/2004. Data set includes measurements of dielectric properties, density and wetness ...

8. Dielectric profiling (DEP) data from Mount Moulton blue ice area [dep20032004mountmoulton]
Electronator data from Mount Moulton blue ice area along approximately 300 m long lone parallel to existing horizontal ice core.

9. Electronator (DEP) measurements on Allan Hills Main blue ice area [dep20032004allanhills]
New instrument designed to measure the surface conductance of ice with electrodes about 80 cm apart moving at 3 m/s across the ice with about 1kV p.d. About 5 km of data combined with ...

10. Ground penetrating radar measurements on blue ice fields in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, in 1999/2002 [gpr19992000DML]
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) data measured with 800, 200 and 50 MHz antennas on blue ice areas and their accumulation areas. Raw GPR data, positions measured with differential ...

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