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1. Modeling Seasonal and Regional Patterns of Abrupt Climate Change [white_0519512]
The aim of this research is to bring together high-resolution proxy records of abrupt climate change primarily from the Arctic and the northern hemisphere, but globally as well, with a sophisticated, ...

2. Paleoglaciology of Alaska [INSTAAR_GLACIER_PALEO]
The Paleoglaciology of Alaska project involves scientists to estimate past climate parameters from glacial-geologic records. This project combines field research and cosmogenic-surface-exposure ...

3. ANSCIA Barrow Ground Control Point Database [INSTAAR_BARROW_ANSCIA]
This series of web pages presents site information for 63 Ground Control Points (GCP's) measured near Barrow, Alaska, during the summer of 2001 using Differential GPS. The GCP's were measured ...

4. Alaska PaleoGlacier Atlas: A Geospatial Compilation of Pleistocene Glacier Extents [APG_ATLAS]
Three decades after the last Alaska-wide compilations of glacial geology (Karlstrom et al., 1964; Coulter et al., 1965), we have coordinated a broadly collaborative effort to create a ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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