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1. The Weather World 2010 Current and Archived Weather Products [WWW2010_REAL_TIME_WX]
The University of Illinois offers current and archived weather products through their Weather World 2010 World Wide Web site. Products that may be freely downloaded include Surface Weather ...

2. Walsh and Chapman Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Data Set [WALSH_CHAPMAN_SEAICE]
Mid-month values of sea ice concentration for the Arctic are digitized on a standard 1-degree grid (cylindrical projection) to provide a "relatively uniform set of sea ice extent for all longitudes, ...

3. A Case Study of Hurricane Andrew (August 16-27, 1992) [UIUC_HURRIC_ANDREW]
The Weather World 2010 project at the University of Illinois offers an on-line investigation of Hurricane Andrew. This storm originated as a tropical depression on August 16, 1992 and became a hurricane ...

4. A Case Study of the Illinois Severe Weather Outbreak of April 19, 1996 [UIUC_SEVERE_TORN]
(Summary adapted from the WW2010 Home Page) April 19, 1996: One of the most memorable tornado outbreaks in Illinois history. During the day, 33 tornadoes touching ...

5. A Case Study of the March 12-15, 1993 Superstorm via World Wide Web [UIUC_SUPER_STORM]
The March 12-15, 1993 superstorm will be remembered as one of the strongest storms to ever strike the Eastern United States. Overall, 270 fatalities were reported with an estimate ...

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