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1. Radiocarbon Dates of Beaches in the South Shetland Islands [South_Shetland_Is_Beach_Data]
The South Shetland Islands beach data set contains radiocarbon dates and elevations of raised beaches on King George and Livingston Islands. Data from other islands will be added as available. ...

2. Radiocarbon data from the Northern Scott Coast [NScott_Coast_Radiocarbon]
This set includes radiocarbon data and elevations from raised beaches along the Scott Coast.

3. Reedy Radiocarbon Data [Hall_Reedy]
This data set includes radiocarbon data from Reedy Glacier that pertain to former (Holocene) ice-marginal lakes.

4. Scott Glacier Radiocarbon Dates [ScottGlacierRadiocarbonDates]
This data set contains radiocarbon dates of algae from ice-marginal ponds adjacent to Scott Glacier. The dates constrain ice extent during the Holocene.

5. Sediment core data from Dry Valleys lakes [Dry_Valleys_Lake_Cores]
Our data includes mineralogic, stable isotope, grain size, diatom, and chronologic data for sediment cores from lakes in the Dry Valleys, extending from present back to as much as ~50,000 ...

6. South Shetland Islands Exposure-Age Data [Hall-Shetland]
This contains exposure-age data related to Holocene glaciation in the South Shetland Islands.

7. Displacement measurements of Byrd Glacier using Landsat images of 22 Feb 1988 and 25 Jan 1990. [Byrd_1988_1990]
Displacement values for Byrd Glacier, measured on Landsat images of 22 Feb 1988 to 25 Jan 1990. Dataset includes lat/long coordinates of starting and ending point. Velocities can be ...

8. Lake Vida Uranium/Thorium Dates [LAKE_VIDA_U-TH]
These are uranium-thorium dates of lacustrine carbonates that help to determine the age of ancient lake deposits at Lake Vida and, when compared to radiocarbon ages, yield information ...

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