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1. Monthly Climate Summaries From Weather Stations Located on the Summits of Nevado Sajama and Illimani Peaks in Bolivia [GEO_UMASS_BOLIVIA]
A satellite linked Automatic Weather Station (AWS) ia on the summit of Volcan Sajama (6542 m) in Bolivia. The station, installed on October 1, 1996, has coordinates of 18 deg. 06' South and 68 deg. ...

2. A Computer-Based Atlas of Global Instrumental Climate Data, CDIAC/DB-1003 [CLIMATE_IMAGE_ATLAS]
Color-shaded and contoured images of global gridded instrumental data have been produced as a computer-based atlas and is available via ftp and as a CD-ROM. The data consists of images ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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