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1. Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP) U-Pb zircon age data from central Transantarctic Mountains basement [CTM_SHRIMP_2000]
SHRIMP U-Pb analyses of detrital zircon from 10 samples of sandstone from the Beardmore and Byrd groups (central Transantarctic Mts.), Patuxent Formation (Pensacola Mts.), and Koettlitz ...

2. Stratigraphic, structural and geochronological data for the Beardmore Group, central Transantarctic Mountains [SMU_GEOL_BEARDMORE]
Geologic field data were collected in the central Transantarctic Mountains in order to study the stratigraphic history, structural geometry, and tectonic history of siliciclastic units ...

3. Development of the Rapid Access Ice Drill: Phase 1 Design [RAID_Phase_1]
We completed a detailed engineering design for a new mobile drilling platform for future use on the ice sheets of Antarctica. Based on a competitive bidding process, a search for an engineering design ...

4. Geologic data on glacial materials from the Wilkes margin, Antarctica [Goodge_0337858]
Petrologic, geochemical and geochronological data on glaciomarine sediments from the Wilkes Land margin of Antarctica. Materials studied include dredge clasts collected on cruise NBP01-01 (obtained ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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