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1. Carbon Retention In A Colored Ocean (CARIACO), Bio-geochemical and Bio-optical Data from the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela [CARIACO]   CHILD METADATA
The CARIACO Program, supported by NSF, Venezuela's CONICIT, and NASA, is an oceanographic time series station that examines processes that affect carbon cycling in the Cariaco Basin, off the coast ...

2. Measurements of oceanic methane, carbon dioxide and ammonia made during research cruises as part of CARIACO in Southern Caribbean Sea beginning in November 1995 and on-going [SOLAS_CARIACO]   PARENT METADATA
This metadata entry refers to measurements of oceanic methane made by Mary Scrantonn, oceanic carbon dioxide made by Yrene Astor and oceanic ammonia made by Kent Fanning during research cruises in ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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