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1. POPs in the Fat Tissue of Seabirds from King George Island, Antarctica [ECA040]
This datset collected data for chlorinated pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in subcutaneous fat samples from Brown skuas, three species of penguins: ...

2. PCBs and Chlorinated Pesticides in the Atmosphere of the Southwest Atlantic and Antarctic Oceans [ECA013]
The atmosphere content of a large number of OC compounds (HCB, HCHs, pp’-DDE, pp’-DDD, pp’-DDT and 11 PCB) was determined in a survey performed in November of 1995 in the open ocean between 23°S and ...

3. PCBs and PAHs in marine sediment, of Admiralty Bay [ECA003]
This project focused on the PCBs in sediments of Admiral Bay on King George Island collected in the 1993/1994 austral summer. The individual concentrations of PCB congeners ranged from < 0.05 to 0.57 ...

4. PCBs in the atmosphere of King George Island, Antarctica [ECA009]
Literature data on persistent atmospheric contaminants in Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere are scarce in comparison to those on the Northern Hemisphere, and refer to a rather long period of ...

5. DEPROAS - Ecosystem Dynamics of the continental shelf of the SW Atlantic [GLOBEC_067_BRZ_001]
DEPROAS is a multi-disciplinary programme, involving physical oceanography, biological oceanography, geological oceanography and meteorology. DEPROAS has two main goals: 1) to examine the physical ...

6. Determination of polychlorinated biphenyls in Antarctic macroalgae Desmarestia sp. [ECA036]
This data set deals with the determined concentrations of PCB congeners in Desmarestia sp. samples collected from various locations at Admiralty Bay (King George Island). Total PCB concentrations ...

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