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1. United States Geographic Mosaic (GIS Coverage) [ES_US_cover]
This map is a Simulated natural color seamless mosaic of portions of 445 Landsat Thematic Mapper Images. Image resolution has been resampled down to a pixel resolution of 142.5 meters. ...

2. African Geographic Mosaic (GIS Coverage) [ES_GEO_COVER_AFRICA]
This low bandwidth example of the Landsat TM image mosaic service that will be provided by Earth Satellite Corporation over ESRI's Geographic Network. This particular service consists ...

3. California, USA Geographic Mosaic (GIS Coverage) [ES_Ca_cover]
This map is a full resolution (1.0 arc-second per pixel) Landsat TM Mosaic of the State of California. Imagery is in a lat/long (geographic) projection and represents a natural color composite of ...

4. Global Archive of Ortho-rectified Landsat Data [ORTHO_LANDSAT]
Recognizing the need to provide high-resolution satellite data to the scientific community, NASA's Commercial Remote Sensing Program Office, has been working to assemble the first wall-to-wall global ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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