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1. Geo/SAT 2 Remote Sensing Data Sets [Canada_Eidetic_GeoSAT2Data]
The Geo/SAT 2 data sets consist of remotely sensed satellite imagery for the following geographical areas: 1 - Persian Gulf 2 - San Francisco Bay 3 - Coachella Valley, California ...

2. Geo/SAT SCHOLAR SERIES Data Sets [Canada_Eidetic_ScholarSeries]
Eidetic Digital Imaging Ltd. manufactures the Scholar Series Data Sets for Space Imaging. The Scholar Series Data Sets consist of Thematic Mapper data for five geographical areas: ...

3. Landsat 5 TM Data Sets - Educational Samples [Canada_Eidetic_Landsat5TMData]
This data set consists of 25 Landsat 5 TM data sets of various geographical locations around the world. The geographic areas are: 1) Amsterdam, Holland 2) Bern, Switzerland ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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