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1. Analytical Data of pH, Chlorophyll, and Nutrients in the Eastern Seto Inland Sea (Osaka Bay and Kii Channel) [JUSUI-2]
The measurements of pH, chlorophyll, and inorganic nutrients in sea surface water at a total of 15 stations in Osaka Bay and Kii Channel were carried out once a month from April, 1984, to May, 1995. ...

2. Anchored observation in Nakazaki, Akashi-City [TEITIKANSOKU-1]
14 items (air temperature, water temperature and precipitation, etc) were measured at anchor at Nakazaki, Akashi-City. Measurments were carried out everyday from April 1973 to March 1992. The results ...

3. Marine Observation Data in the Eastern Seto Inland Sea (Harima-nada, Osaka Bay, and Kii Channel) [JUSUI-1]
Maritime and sea surface observation was carried out at 20 points in Harima-nada, Osaka Bay, and Kii Channel once a month from April, 1973, to May, 1995. Water temperature and salinity have been measured ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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