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1. Behavior of Radioactive and Stable Elements in the Environment [MURAMATSU-1993]
Concentrations of some radionuclides(e.g.I-131, I-129, Cs-137) and trace elements(e.g.I, Br, Cs, Sr, U) have been measured in rain water, soil, plants, and fungi. It was found that radionuclides such ...

2. Determination of major and trace elements in soil, plant and mushroom samples [DMTESPMS-NIRS]
To accumulate the fundamental data concerning the behaviors of major and trace elements in environment, an elemental analysis of samples in environment is being carried out. The samples to be tested ...

3. Fallout Tritium in Precipitation in Chiba [CHIBA_FALL_OUT_TRITIUM]
Since 1973, precipitation during a month was sampled, and furthermore a descending quantity through precipitation of the fallout originated tritium has been measured in the Chiba City.

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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