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1. Radiocarbon ages and unsupported lead-210 in NBP0101 Mac Robertson Shelf Cores [SedwickOPP-0230199]
This data set consists of the radiocarbon ages (raw radiocarbon years) and unsupported lead-210 activities (disintegrations per minute per gram) of subsamples from the upper portion of five marine ...

2. Real-time Satellite Images of Bermuda from data collected from the NOAA polar orbiter series and SeaWiFS. [BBSR_Satellite]
The Real-Time Satellite Imagery data page contains browse images from recent satellite passes over Bermuda. The Bermuda Biological Station for Research Satellite Laboratory is currently ...

3. Data from the JGOFS Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study (BATS), Including Hydrographic, CTD, Sediment Flux and Primary Productivity [BATS_JGOFS_BOTTLEDATA]
The Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) is a 10 year project (1988-1998), with primary funding from NSF Ocean Chemistry and Ocean Biology. BATS is part of the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study ...

4. Iron and Light Effects on Phaeocystis Antarctica Isolates from the Ross Sea [OPP-0230559]
Data from US NSF award OPP-0230559 'Iron and Light Effects on Phaeocystis Antarctica Isolates from the Ross Sea' (PI's G DiTullio and P Sedwick), including field data (cruise NBP03-05A) for collection ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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