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1. Sedimentological and geochemical analyses of gravity cores from Antarctic Peninsula region (KARP 1996-2006) [KPDC-MD-2006-001]
This dataset includes sedimentological and geochemical analyses of more than 80 gravity cores retrieved from Antarctic Peninsula region during the KARP (Korea Antarctic Research Program) cruise ...

2. Provenance data from Quaternary tills in the Transantarctic Mountains [Transantarctic_Mountains_moraines]
Two high-elevation moraines sequences in the southern-central Transantarctic Mountains were sampled to characterize provenance changes through time. Samples were collected in transects across the ...

3. Rheology of phonolitic magmas - the case of the Erebus lava lake [C.LeLosq_phonolite_magma_rheology_1]   PARENT METADATA
Long-lived active lava lakes are comparatively rare and are typically associated with low-viscosity basaltic magmas. Erebus volcano, Antarctica, is unique today in hosting a phonolitic lava lake. ...

ENGLISH The purpose of this project is to make a full study of the Deception Island volcanic system. The geologic research will be carried on through various disciplines. Thus, structure, volcanic ...

5. Erebus hydrogen emissions, oxidation state, phase equilibria, and anorthoclase megacrystals [Y.Moussallam_Erebus_emissions_equilibria_convection_1]   PARENT METADATA
The continuous measurement of molecular hydrogen (H2) emissions from passively degassing volcanoes has recently been made possible using a new generation of low-cost electrochemical sensors. We have ...

6. Geochemical Reference Samples Database from the Geological Society of Japan [GSJ_GEOCHEM_REF]
[Adapted from the Geological Survey of Japan Sample Reference Standards Abstracts Page, ''] The Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ) has issued 31 rock ...

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