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1. Atmospheric measurement from four sites in the Ross Sea Region investigating gases, aerosol properties and local weather conditions [K173_1987_1990_NZ_1]
Gases, aerosol properties and local weather was studied at sites around Ross Island and in McMurdo Sound as part of a programme to describe the properties of the atmospheric aerosol (and gases), to ...

2. Biodiversity and ecophysiology of Antarctic sea-ice bacteria [ASAC_1012]
The data set includes information relevant for the study and description of sea-ice bacteria contains the following dataset subgroups and is organised by REFERENCE number. 1) Isolation data: strain ...

3. Selenium Concentrations in Irrigation Drain Inflows to the Salton Sea, California, October 2006 and January 2007 [USGS_OFR_2007_1113]
This report presents raw data on selenium concentrations in samples of water, sediment, detritus, and selected food-chain matrices collected from selected agricultural drains in the southern portion ...

4. Study on the Circulation of Environmental Pollutants and the Prevention of these Effects [ACID-1]
The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of the forest ecosystem by acid precipitation at a mountainous region in the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture. The input data capacity of latitude ...

5. The Sea as major source of ions to lichens in terrestrial ecosystems of Victoria Land [Ions_to_lichens_Victoria_Land]
Lichens and mosses constitute the bulk of plant biomass in terrestrial ecosystem of continental Antarctica. On the hypothesis that cryptogams can be used as an early warning system to detect the effects ...

6. WISSARD Hot Water Drill System design and overall description [Hot_Water_Drill_Systems_NSF_PLR_1146554]
A new, clean, hot-water drill system (HWDS) was developed by the ANDRILL Science Management Office, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, for use in the Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling ...

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