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The GRIP Langley Aerosol Research Group Experiment (LARGE) dataset was collected by the Langley Aerosol Research Group Experiment (LARGE), which measures ultrafine aerosol number density, total and ...

2. Light transfer measurements in the snow pack from FINNARP 2009 snow team [FINNARP2009_light_transfer]
Data set contains light transfer measurements in Antarctic snow pack using visible-near infrared spectroradiometer and PAR sensors. These measurements were done during FINNARP 2009 expedition in December ...

3. Measurements of heart rate, blood oxygenation, redox state of cytochrome oxidase and blood flow in peripheral tissues of Adelie penguins that have been stressed using an infrared spectrometer [K032_1999_2000_NZ_1]
Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) live and breed in an physiologically demanding environment that requires individual birds to respond rapidly to fluctuating environmental conditions. The physiological ...

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