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1. Assessment of the recovery of damage to mosses (from walking tracks, cores and slab removal) from the Taylor Valley [K024_1989_1990_NZ_3]
It is commonly accepted that mosses in the Dry Valley's grow very slowly. The recovery of mosses was investigated by locating and investigating in detail various damaged sites from previous activity ...

2. Psychosocial study of human adaptation to living in Antarctica, PSICOANTAR II, Project Number 37, 2002-2004 [CDA_AR_PSIC_PSYCOSOCIAL_PROCESS]
En Espanol: Estudio Psicosocial de los procesos de adaptacion en grupos humanos en Antartida. Este Proyecto a realizarse durante los anos 2002 al 2004, estudia los procesos de adaptacion personal ...

3. Social-science migrating field station: monitoring the Human-Rangifer link by following herd migration (IPY/NOMAD) [IPY408]
Topic: human-reindeer (rangifer) interaction; regular field reports based on raw data; qualitative and qualitative (mixed); visual, textual, and GPS data points; mostly PDF.

4. The Barents Encyclopedia Project [SMHI_IPY_BAR-ENC-01]
The Barents Encyclopedia Project was initiated during the International Polar Year 2007?2008 and work in the project is intended, as the name suggests, to result in the publication of an encyclopedia ...

5. The assessment of the persistence of human impacts (field party disturbances) in the Asgard Range, Barwick Valley (both sites disturbed 30 years prior) and at Marble Point (disturbed up to 5 years prior) [K150_1994_1995_NZ_2]
The assessment of the persistence of human impacts was made by examining sites that had been disturbed by field parties up to thirty years previous in the Asgard Range (6 sites) and Barwick Valley ...

6. Adelie penguin and skua nest monitoring for the effects of human disturbance on nest success [K014_1974_1975_NZ_1]
Observations were made on the behaviour and breeding success of penguins and skuas in areas of the Cape Bird northern colony subject to interference by man. Interferance being taken as the presence ...

7. Measurements of environmental damage to soils caused by foot trampling [K150_1993_1994_NZ_3]
At three sites (1 at Scott Base and 2 near Vanda Station) investigations were carried out to determine the susceptibility of the ground surface to damage from foot traffic (soil trafficability). At ...

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