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1. UV-B Radiation Effects on the Lower Trophic Levels [JCADM_CDA_DNA_BIOLOGY_UV-B_JUB]
The study of the effects of UV-B radiation on key organisms of the marine ecosystem (phytoplankton and bacteria) is studied. Some parameters measured are primary production, growth, survival, photoprotective ...

2. Water column absorption and attenuation [water_column_absorption_and_attenuation]
Water column absorption and attenuation under ice at the Catlin Ice Camp in March and April of 2011. Data are continuous vertical profiles collected using a Wetlabs ac9. Data was collected to investigate ...

3. 2010 Hydgrographic, chlorophyll and CDOM fluorescence, and optical backscattering data collected using an Acrobat towed profiler [2010_hydgrographic_chlorophyll_cdom_fluor_opt_backscatt_data_coll_acro_tow_prof]
This data set contains the Acrobat files from data underway along transects conducted near Barrow, AK from August 21 - September 8, 2010. Details of the latitude, longitude, date, and time are listed ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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