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1. Available data on research of Deep-sea red crab [NatMIRC_20020128_93419]   PARENT METADATA
This data set contains all crab data gathered by researchers between 1980 and 2001/2 as well as all data from commercial vessels between 1980 and 2001/2. It includes data from: - trap fishing & ...

2. BENEFIT Horse Mackerel age - determination workshops, May 2000 and November 2001 [MCM_20020123_91493]
MAY 2000 WORKSHOP All specimens used for age determination in this workshop were sampled from fish caught between 25 May and 14 June 1998 during the annual horse mackerel ...

3. Sardine Acoustic Attenuation and Target Strength Experiment in South African Waters, False Bay, 21-29 April 2002. [NatMIRC_20020614_13208]
Data on attenuation and target strength were collected on a survey carried in South African water, False Bay on the 21st to 29th April 2002. Two EK500 echosounders (Ver. 5.30) firing through the keel-mounted ...

4. Deep-sea red crab- Distribution, structure & dynamics [NatMIRC_20020123_74164]   CHILD METADATA
To investigate the distribution, structure and dynamics of the deep sea red crab as a possible shared stock between Angola and Namibia in order to strengthen research and management co-operation between ...

5. Drifting Buoys in the Benguela Current Region, 1999 - 2002 [NatMIRC_20020325_16047]
The aim of this study is to describe and quantify surface circulation in the Benguela ecosystem in relation to: 1) the transport and retention of, not only pelagic egg and larvae, but also to that ...

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