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1. Radiocarbon ages and unsupported lead-210 in NBP0101 Mac Robertson Shelf Cores [SedwickOPP-0230199]
This data set consists of the radiocarbon ages (raw radiocarbon years) and unsupported lead-210 activities (disintegrations per minute per gram) of subsamples from the upper portion of five marine ...

2. Sediment geochemistry and dates for East Antarctic Sediment Cores [E_Antarctic_Margin_Sed_Data]
This data set includes measurements of biogenic Si, organic C, organic N, and C13/N15 from kasten cores and piston cores collected from the East Antarctic Margin during cruise NBP01-1. ...

3. Cruise NBP0101 diatom data [NBP0101_diatoms]
Sediment cores were collected during Cruise NBP0101 on the research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer using a Smith-McIntyre grab sampler, multi-corer, kasten corer and jumbo piston corer. Quantititive ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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