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1. VR-BTF; Back to the Future: Decadal time scale change in Arctic and Antarctic terrestrial ecosystem [SMHI_IPY_BTF]
VR-BTF will coordinate an endorsed International Polar Year project that includes over 50 environmental networks and projects and, with a sister US-BTF project, will provide a synthesis of documented ...

2. Diversity Changes in Soil Mesofauna (Springtails and Oribatid Mites) in the Subarctic (Abisko Swedish Lapland) [SOIL_INVERTEBRATES_ARCTIC_KRAB_IPY213_NL]
Northern peatlands have been globally important accumulators of carbon as plant litter and older soil organic matter. As climate changes, the decomposition rates of these peatlands and consequently ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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