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1. National Estuary Program [epa_nep]
The National Estuary Program protects and restores the health of estuaries while supporting economic and recreational activities. 28 local NEPs are demonstrating practical and innovative ...

2. U.S.-Mexico Border Environmental Health Program [epa_usmexicoborderhealth]
Rapid industrialization and population growth in the U.S.-Mexico border region, stimulated in part by NAFTA, is requiring a greater need to understand environmental health trends. Like many public ...

3. Digital Elevation Model 3 Arc-Second for Mid-Atlantic Integrated Assessment [EPA_MAIA_dem_3]
This map is an ARC/INFO Grid representing the 3 arc second digital elevation model for the entire region. Elevation is in meters. [Summary provided by the EPA.]

4. Great Lakes National Program [epa_glnp]
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency maintains the Great Lakes Program which has among other components Human Health, Contaminated Sediments, ecosystem studies, monitoring, lakes, pollution prevention, ...

5. Lake Champlain Basin Program [epa_lakechamplain]
The Lake Champlain Basin Program works in partnership with government agencies from New York, Vermont, and Quebec, private organizations, local communities, and individuals to coordinate and fund ...

6. Mid-Atlantic Integrated Assessment [epa_maia]
The Mid-Atlantic Integrated Assessment (MAIA) is a research, monitoring, and assessment initiative. Its main goal is to develop high-quality scientific information on the condition of ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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