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1. The Global FIRE Product, 1992-1993, from JRC [SAI_JRC-Global_FIRE]
Fire is a process, which given the right vegetation and meteorological conditions, can be found in almost any part of the globe. In order to understand and quantify the impact of fire ...

2. The Regional Burnt Area Product for Central Africa, 1993-1994, from JRC [SAI_JRC_Cent_Afr_Burnt_Product]
Justification, scientific objective and geographical domain: The mapping of burnt areas on a regional basis can form an important source of information for determining estimates ...

3. The Regional FIRE Product for Central Africa, 1993-1996, from JRC [SAI_JRC_Cent_Afr_FIRE_Product]
The mapping of active fires from NOAA-AVHRR data is an important source of in- formation for a number of projects both within MTV and externally. The Central African region is an area ...

4. The Regional Mainland Southeast Asian FIRE Product, 1992-1993, from JRC [SAI_JRC_Asian_FIRE_Product]
Comparatively little is known empirically about the vegetation fire regime of Southeast Asia when viewed at larger scales. This is despite the importance of fire as an agent of regional ...

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