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1. Cloud and Radiation Data from the NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory [OAR0095]
Dr. Eberhard and his associates are studying the information on clouds uniquely available from CO2 lidar, which operates in the 9-11 micrometer wavelength range. Techniques are being developed to ...

2. FIRE II Cirrus Model Forcing and Data for the GEWEX Cloud System Study Data Integration for Model Evaluation (GCSS-DIME) [GISS_GCSS-DIME_FIRE-IICIRRUS]
FIRE II Cirrus took place from 13 November through 7 December 1991 in the central USA, centered on Kansas. The experiment area extended from about 20N to 50N latitude and from 75W to 125W ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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