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1. HIRS/Nimbus-6 Level 1 Calibrated Radiances for the Global Atmospheric Research Program (GARP) V001 (HIRSN6L1GARP) at GES DISC [HIRSN6L1GARP_001]
The Nimbus-6 High Resolution Infrared Radiometer (HIRS) Level 1 Calibrated Radiances for the Global Atmospheric Research Program (GARP) data product contains daily infrared radiances. The HIRS was ...

2. NMC Global Analyses and Spectral Analyses for FGGE, 1979Jan-Mar,Jun [NCAR_DS312.0]
Includes initialized and non-initialized analyses and diagnostics.

3. ALPEX Dropwindsondes, spring 1982 [NCAR_DS611.0]
From the ALPine EXperiment, for FGGE

4. ECMWF FGGE T63 Tropospheric, Surface and Tendency Analyses, daily 1979 [NCAR_DS307.9]
ECMWF tropospheric surface and tendency analyses on a global grid with T63 resolution.

5. ECMWF FGGE TD101 Global Reanalyses, SOP 1 and 2, 1979 [NCAR_DS307.3]
ECMWF reanalyses of the FGGE Special Observation Periods (SOP: 1979Jan10 - 1979Mar05 and 1979May05 - 1979Jul31) based on FGGE IIIb, 1985 version. No plans to do the rest of ...

6. FGGE Constant Level Balloon Observations, 1979Jan-Jul [NCAR_DS800.1]
This dataset contains constant-level balloon observations from the First Global GARP Experiment (FGGE) for 7 January to 16 July 1979.

7. FGGE Dropwindsondes, 1978Dec-1979Jul (thru Shea) [NCAR_DS610.0]
This dataset contains dropwindsonde data from the First GARP Global Experiment (FGGE) Special Observation Periods 1 (December 7, 1978 to February 26, 1979) and 2 (May 6, 1979 ...

8. GARP DST III Global Tropospheric and Stratospheric Analyses, some 1974May-1976Mar [NCAR_DS304.0]
Analyses of data collected during the GARP DST III period.

9. Global Level IIb Upper Air and Surface Observations for FGGE, 1978Nov-1979 [NCAR_DS354.0]
DSS obtained this data, after errors were corrected in the original data.

10. Goddard's IIIb Analyses for FGGE, SOP 1 and 2, 1979 [NCAR_DS309.0]
This dataset contains global IIIb tropospheric analyses from Goddard Space Flight Center for FGGE Special Observation Periods 1 and 2.

11. Indian and Southern Ocean Drifting Buoy Data (1979-1981) from the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, UK [BODC_IOS_DriftBuoy]
The data set comprises temperature, pressure and position data from nine drifting buoys which were deployed by the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences (IOS) Deacon Laboratory, Wormley, UK as part ...

12. Krishnamurti's MONEX Region Precipitation Analyses, 1979May-Jul [NCAR_DS302.4]
Produced from satellite and FGGE data for MONEX.

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