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1. New Austfonna surface DEM from InSAR/ICESat [org.polarresearch-750]
A new DEM of the Austfonna ice cap by combining SAR interferometry with ICESat laser altimetry.

2. Records of near-surface ice temperature in shallow boreholes (4 locations), Austfonna [org.polarresearch-772]
Snow and ice temperatures in shallow boreholes (approx 14m depth), 4 locations: two are close to the top of the ice cap, one is at low elevation in SE and one is at 370 m at the W-slope. The record ...

3. Seasonal and Inter-annual Fluctuations of Ice Velocities on Five Svalbard Glaciers [Flow_Arctic_Glaciers_Tijm-Reijmer_IPY37_NL]
In order to improve our understanding of the relation between meltwater input and sliding velocities we measure seasonal and inter-annual fluctuations of ice velocities on five Svalbard glaciers. ...

4. Surface velocity, annual means at stakes and continuous records in a target area, Austfonna [org.polarresearch-751]
Repeated DGPS measurements of (~20) mass balance stakes on the Austfonna ice cap and continuous GPS records on two fast flowing outlets (along the central flowlines of Basin-3 and Duvebreen; 5 units ...

5. Time-lapse imagery Kronebreen [org.polarresearch-755]
Time-lapse imagery Kronebreen

6. Greenland Surface Mass Balance [Modelling_Arctic_Glaciers_VDBroeke_IPY37_NL]
Model data, RACMO2

7. Meteorological data collected by two AWS [org.polarresearch-771]
Two automatic weather stations at 370 and 540 m a.s.l. along Etonbreen, W-slope of Austfonna, one recording all components of the energy balance (Tair, RH, Sin, Sout, Lin, Lout, Wdir, Wvel, snow and ...

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