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1. Rawinsonde data (atmospheric soundings) from the Weddell Sea, Denmark Strait and Baltic Sea (1989-) [FIMR_RAWINSONDE_WEDDELL_SINCE_1989]
Rawinsonde soundings have been made during several expeditions for atmospheric boundary layer structure studies. Vaisala RS80-15N and RS80-15G radiosondes and DigiCORA Rawinsonde Set MW11.

2. Meteorological buoy and drifter data in the Weddell Sea, North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea (1989-) [FIMR_METEO_BUOY_SINCE_1989]
Drifters have been used to track the sea ice movement in the Weddell Sea and as current followers in the North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea, during separate periods. From 1989 on going. Buoys from ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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