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1. Pazan's U.S. Navy Northern Hemisphere Sea-Level Pressure Grids for 1946Jan to 1978Dec [NCAR_DS018.1]
The daily sea-level pressure grids in this dataset were received from Steve Pazan of the U.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center (FNOC). The 63x63 polar-stereographic ...

2. Surface Water and Atmospheric CO2 and N2O Observations, from CDIAC [NCAR_DS253.0]
Results from water analysis using shipboard automated gas chromatography. CDIAC dataset NDP044, Weiss, et. al.

3. Carbonate Chemistry of the North Pacific Ocean from the North Pacific Shuttle Experiment (NORPAX) and NOAA Dynamics Cruises, CDIAC NDP-029 [CDIAC_NDP29]
This package documents carbonate data obtained during two NOAA CO2 Dynamics Cruises and the NORPAX Hawaii-Tahiti Shuttle Experiment. One data source was NOAA/s CO2 Dynamics Cruise of the eastern ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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