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1. Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (MOC) [MOC]
On December 1st, 2005, Prof. Bryden and his team reported in Nature (Bryden et al., 2005. Slowing of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation at 25N. Nature 438, 655-657: ...

2. Oceanic carbon dioxide, oceanic tetrachloromethane and atmospheric aerosol composition made during the Discovery 279 research cruise as part of the RAPID project in the N. Atlantic during April/May 2004 [SOLAS_D279]   PARENT METADATA
This metadata entry refers to oceanic measurements of CO2 and total inorganic carbon (TCO2) by Ute Schuster; tetrachloromethane (carbon tetrachloride) by Rana Fine; and atmospheric aerosol composition ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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